NIFF: Quaker Oaths

Naperville Showtimes
Saturday 09/23/17
Release Date: 

Presented by the 2017 Naperville Independent Film Festival!

To make their divorce final, a Quaker couple must follow tradition by seeking out everyone who came to their wedding...and asking them to cross their names off the marriage certificate.

Louisiana Kreutz, Writer & Director. Bradley Beesley & Austin Tolin, Producers. E.J. Enriquez, Cinematographer. Katy Fairlee and Royce Sharp, Sound. Original score by Jeff Luna. Alex Dobrenko, Fede Rangel, Kathy Rose Center, Rupert Reyes, David Lee Hess, Scott Mason, Juli Erickson, Grant James, Tane Ward, Hannah Kenah, and introducing Pete Dahlberg, cast.

Nominated for Best Feature, Actor (Alex Dobrenko), Actress (Fede Rangel)

Preceded by the short One Per Person

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