How It Works

Hollywood Palms Cinema is the latest of our full-service, fully integrated Restaurant, Bar and Movie Theater to open in the greater Chicagoland area. We seat you in high-backed recliners in our beautifully decorated auditoriums, each one featuring state-of-the-art digital picture and sound. We bring you movies the way they were really meant to be seen, big, bright, bold, and beautiful; with terrific sound and the style, comfort, and ease of your very own luxury recliner... you don't even have to share an arm rest! We will bring right to your table everything to eat and drink that your little heart could desire. Our goal is to provide every guest with an unforgettable experience through unmatched hospitality, the highest quality food & beverages, and flawless presentation.

When You Enter Our Theater

The first thing you do is purchase your tickets at the box office just like any other theater. You can buy advance tickets online or at the box office. Our normal everyday admission price is just $14.00, at or below the cost of those other neon-trimmed film bunkers, and offer discount admission to seniors and students, and for any matinee before 5:00pm. Guests under the age of 2 are only permitted to Bright Stars presentations. Guests must be at least 2 years of age to attend features rated PG or lower. Guests must be at least 3 years of age to attend features rated PG-13 or higher. Children must not be disruptive to our other guests. Please be courteous to your fellow movie goers. Patrons involved in excessive conversation, loud or disruptive behavior will be promptly removed from the auditorium without refund. The use of cell phones (including text messaging), cameras and recorders is strictly prohibited.

We are happy to make reasonable accomodation for guests with disabilities - not only do we have spaces for guests in wheelchairs, but each wheelchair space has an adjacent companion seat. Non-disabled guests, while still able to purchase companion seats, do so with the knowledge that if a party with a disabled guest requires the seat, they will be relocated.

(Parties with disabled guests must arrive prior to listed showtime in order to secure disabled seating - guests will not be relocated after showtime)

Children must be well-behaved and not be disruptive during our feature presentation or they may be asked to leave. As a matter of fact, so do adults, so please don't narrate the movie for others; hold any comments until after the film is over while you relax out in the bar in the lobby. All ticket sales are final; we do not give refunds on tickets, or any applicable service or convenience fees. We always recommend that you and your group arrive early to get food orders before the film and to enjoy the widest selection of seats (and stop off at the bar too, why not).

An enjoyable movie experience in a safe, welcome environment is top priority at Hollywood Palms. The licensed or unlicensed possession of a weapon on our premises is not permitted. We reserve the right to inspect bags to ensure adherence to our policies regarding prohibited items. During periods of increased volume, the likelihood of this occurrence is increased as well. Additionally, verification of seating during periods of higher volume may be necessary - to prevent guests from having to sort out any potential confusion themselves, it is the obligation of our staff to provide this service. We understand this necessity may create inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

You must be at least 21 years old to consume alcoholic beverages. Valid government-issued picture I.D. is always required for anyone wishing to purchase or receive an alcoholic beverage. Proof of age is required by the law.

The Lobby

In one of those traditional neon-trimmed film bunkers, you would line up at a concession stand and wait for that nasty over-priced high caloric gooey stuff. Not here, there are bars. At our palace you enter a beautifully-decorated lobby area where adults can sit at either one of two bars, fully stocked with not just beer & wine, but all of your favorite cocktails, frozen house specialties and hot coffee drinks. You can check out our full food menu at the bar or grab a soda, a bucket of our famous popcorn, or even enjoy a bag of your favorite movie candy. We recommend that you get your first drink in the lobby, it gives you something to do while you wait to be seated. You can carry any beverages from our bar into the auditorium so you have something to sip on while your server makes their way to your table.

Generally about twenty-thirty minutes prior to the scheduled start time, we will announce when seating begins for your film; at which time you will proceed to the usher who will direct you to one of our many highly stylized, individually themed auditoriums.

The Auditoriums

Our auditoriums feature terraced seating in your very own luxury reclining chair, each with a personal table for your meal, and plenty of legroom!

From this point on, our unobtrusive ninja wait staff will provide full food & beverage service during the film. You can order from our menu featuring great appetizers, terrific sandwiches, gourmet pizza, and devilishly good deserts all carefully chosen to be easily eaten in the dark, so as not to distract you from the film. All food comes out once it is ready to make sure everything is as wonderful as possible, but this does mean food will not come out at the same time. Please feel free to order your dessert when you order your food, we will make sure it comes out after you finish your meal! Service is available up until twenty minutes prior to the end of your film, at which time guest checks will be presented and closed, and the service button is there if you need assistance during the show. The staff always appreciates your gratuities.

Though seats are reserved when you purchase them, we always suggest you plan to arrive prior to showtime to expediate your meal order. And for the duration of the show, please make sure your phones are put away and silenced. No-one wants to be bothered by your phone during the movie. We're also not responsible for lost items, so if you have your phone out and it gets lost and/or broken, that's on you. Best to just make sure it's put away securely before the feature starts. Your texts can wait!

There is no better way to watch a movie and we aren't kidding. So if you can find a better ticket, buy it!

Ticket Prices

General Admission $14
Children (10 and under) $12
Matinee (all shows before 5pm) $12
Seniors (65+) $12
College Students (valid college ID required) $12

Add $3.00 for 3D Movies

Add $1.00 for High-Demand Titles

Tax Included

Live Streaming Events and other special programming are priced per event which may be higher than standard ticket prices

Free Passes

Hollywood Palms offers tons of opportunities for our guests to enjoy the show for less! We offer free passes for your birthday (sign up for our newsletter to get those). Passes can be redeemed at our box office for any valid feature. If you have free passes at home, check our pass guide to confirm their validity. Due to studio restrictions, we cannot accept free passes for any Disney features.

Costume Policy

We allow guests to attend movies dressed in costumes within certain guidelines. Costumes should not be overly revealing or excessively scary. No masks or full face paint are allowed. No weapons - real, prop or toy - are allowed. If you have questions about our policy, please contact the theater management before you arrive to ensure that you won't be turned away.

Any more questions? Visit our FAQ page!