Our Facility

The Hollywood Palms greets you with, what else? Palm trees and lots of them! The owner flew down to the nurseries of Miami to personally select two semi-trucks full of lush tropical plants which are featured in our huge three story tall glass conservatory. Look out for bamboo, real South American Coffee Trees (those are the ones with the coffee beans), Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Fig Trees, Mangroves, three species of palm trees (watch out for falling coconuts) and more from as far away as the Middle East, the Philippines, the Congo, Madagascar, and the Amazon.

You'll also catch site of the box office with the thatch and bamboo roof, but below you will see the structure is made from 200 year old Afghan Tribal Columns and an intricately carved antique door from Nepal. After you purchase your tickets, you'll continue on, walking under 150 year old Indian archways and make sure to notice the two equally old hand-carved teak elephants with pounded sheet brass covering their mammoth one ton structures, also from India. The two lobby bars are also made from antique columns and arches from both Nepal & India with more 200 year old Afghan tribal columns on the back bar. Sit back, relax and have a cocktail with your favorite movie stars (you'll see what we mean) and peruse our collection of classic movie posters from the golden age of Hollywood while you wait for your movie to be announced.

Then travel to the usher stand, framed by two huge elephant doors decorated with hand-carved skulls from Indonesia and Jamaica. Once your tickets are taken, you must make a choice - go right or left to your designated auditorium or just stand there in awe of our two stories tall, sixty foot wide, cascading waterfall.

Then there are our highly stylized auditoriums we have become so well known for. Just walk down the halls covered with large black & white photos of our favorite classic movie stars and pick a movie.

Enjoy the movie from the comfort of our luxury recliners where you can choose from our big movie menu of appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, desserts, popcorn, beer, wine and cocktails - brought to you by our eager staff of movie-loving, food serving enthusiasts.

Our huge kitchen and busy chefs can turn out a thousand individually ordered and cooked meals in an hour. Now that's cook'n and it all tastes great.

Nothing could be better. Sit in a true movie palace and let us wait on you hand and foot, bring you the best movie eats and drinks in any movie theater, anywhere. So who needs a blanket?

Take A Tour


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The Gold Auditorium is our own little corner of Egypt, but without all that messy sand. Enter through our tomb and into our Egyptian Palace featuring the Royalty of the Nile - Tut, Rameses, Cleopatra and Neffretiti. The Gods are here too - Horus, Thot, Khnum, Isis, Renenutet and Anubis, all covered with gold and guarded by the giant Sphinx. And the Ark isn't lost anymore - its right here in movie-land where it belongs. Bring your Mummy. (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos)


The Green auditorium is a lush tropical Mayan jungle. The floor to ceiling temple wall is of cut stone covered with vines, moss and lush green tropical vegetation along with the casual variety of snakes, iguanas, butterflies, toucans, parrots and oh by the way, huge stone sculptures of Mayan Emperors and Quetzalcoatl, the feathered snake God. There are also two huge 24 foot tall Mayan Screen Guards, flanking your favorite movies! (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos)


The Brown Auditorium is reached through our hall of Academy Award winners. Trimmed out in coppers and golds with large Oscar statues, murals of famous California movie palaces and two huge art deco winged angels procured from the 20th Century Fox prop department, the space is as elegant as the actual award ceremony. (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos)


The Blue auditorium is really down under. No, it's not Australian; we are saving the kangaroos for the next facility. We mean down under the sea. After you walk through the sharks and under the lobsters, you'll see our 800 gallon salt water reef aquarium with all kindsa pretty fish. Proceed directly into the auditorium itself and you'll find you've joined the fish - sitting with the sharks, octopus, jellyfish, tuna, eels, turtles, dolphins, more sharks, sting rays, roosterfish, starfish, crabs, triggerfish, grouper, more sharks and ohhhhh barracuda! No swimming, just sit there quietly and enjoy the movie. Be careful, popcorn floats. (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos)


"I'm locked up in the Witch's castle...and I'm trying to get home to you, Auntie Em! Oh, Auntie Em, don't go away! I'm frightened!" Our final stop is to the dark side, the Black auditorium. No cinema of ours would be complete without a nod to the L. Frank Baum children's classic, the Wizard of Oz. The Castle of the Wicked Witch has all the characters in this one dark and foreboding space. "I don't like to think of Dorothy in that awful place." Very scary, Auntie Em! Watch out for the flying monkeys! "Well -- ring around the rosy -- a pocket full of spears! Thought you'd be pretty foxy, didn't you? Well, I'm going to start in on you right here - one after the other! And the last to go will see the first three go before her! And your mangy little dog, too!" We brought a fairy tale castle to life - right here in Naperville! (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos)


The Red Auditorium is Chinese. Go figure. Enter through our Anna Mae Wong gallery (she was the world's first Asian-American Hollywood star who had a fascinating yet tragic life which can be read about in that room). Notice the two intricate vases, pieced from small, hand-carved, polished bone panels (you'll see two giant matching tusks inside made in the same manner). Flanking the doorway are two colossal Chinese Temple Dogs made from green granite. Don't know how heavy they are, except they bent the iron of the first two hoists while trying to get them in place, the third and biggest hoist finally did the trick. Don't kick them, you'll be sorry. You have now entered our Chinese Palace. Hand-carved wood panels and dragon columns, authentic antique Chinese lanterns, delicately carved stained glass, a giant Buddha, more dragons, eight tons of full-size terra cotta warriors and four giant Emperor's statues all imported from Asia just for this theater. Even the two real (but dead) peacocks still look pretty good. (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos)


The Purple Auditorium is our tribute to the wonders of film animation. The mini-lobby has hundreds of animation cells, drawings, posters and other cartoon works of art covering the walls with statues of all your favorite cartoon characters then surrounding you upon entering the auditorium. All the greats - Marvel, Warner Bros., Disney, Pixar, Hannah Barbara - they are all here. Superman, Batman, Muppets, Bugs, Daffy, Spongebob, Snoopy, E.T., Chucky, Mickey & 101 Dalmatians (well, a whole lot of them anyway) and many, many more fun characters. (Click on thumbnails to view larger photos)

Private Screening Room

The Producer's Suite, Hollywood Palms Cinema's private lounge, is available to rent for your party or private screening. Our elegant VIP suite seats twenty in comfortable recliners, and guests can enjoy any first-run feature currently showing. Got a Blu-ray or DVD from home? A presentation on your laptop? We can do that too.

The Producer's Suite comes with an adjoining conference room, perfect for your buffet or for guests to hang out before the feature begins. If your party is bigger than twenty, we can even move the conference room seats into the Producer's Suite for you, allowing up to thirty guests to enjoy the movie.

For more information, contact our private event coordinator, Gina, at 630-428-5800 x113, or visit our Private Parties page.

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